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Directional Hearing

A new way to reduce crashes for helmet users.

Road traffic injuries constitute a major public health with consequences on mortality and morbidity, according to WHO Globally Approximately 1.35 million people die each year as a result of traffic crashes, approximately 25% where motorcycle drivers.

We work on this

Measures proven to reduce the risk of road traffic injuries and deaths exist and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development has set ambitious targets for reducing road traffic injuries.

Road traffic injuries

Traditional helmets cover the ears and dramatically reduce hearing acuity, listening to danger can be as important as seeing it.

For this, a helmet with a system that improves hearing acuity without affecting impact protection was designed, patented, prototyped and tested in a certified through calculations of measures of central tendency for frequency by analysis of variance (ANOVA) with a confidence interval of 95%, (p <0.05) For the study of laterality, a Binomial analysis was applied to verify the probability of error and success with a confidence level of 95%.

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, USA

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helmets saved the lives of motorcyclists

The Research

The research showed that the use of our Hearing Helmet gave the user an average sound source localization of 90%. For the full face helmet user, it presented an average of 67%, it presented difference on the precision of localization source between both helmets.


After conscientious studies of multiple traffic crashes involving motorcycles, it has been proven on coming and rearward approaching automobile drivers are most often at fault unfortunately resulting in the loss of the motorcycle rider’s life.

  is simple, effective and affordable so it may be used in entry level to advanced helmets worn in noisy, crowded, urban environments often found around the world.

The world motorcycle market grew by 5.6% in 2018 according to data from the top 80 markets updated in October. India continues to lead the sector with 21.9 million motorcycles sold.

Already in the midst of the pandemic in Western Europe and China, consumers have seen a new need for mobility, due to the investigation of keeping distance from others and using individual, clean and personal vehicles.

This is where two-wheelers, such as bicycles and scooters, mopeds and motorcycles, have been considered the best to replace public transportation, even considering their affordability compared to cars.

It has also been observed that developing countries acquire a significant part of the sales of small motorcycles globally. This demand for fuel is reinforced by better fuel efficiency and increasing traffic congestion. Interestingly, these options are allowing rural people in developing economies to take advantage of motorcycles as their primary mode of transportation.

In Colombia, 52,536 people were involved in traffic crashes over 2016.  Source: SURA, an international insurance company based in Colombia)

Almost 14% of those crash victims died as a result.  Eighty percent (80%) of these crashes occurred in urban/city locations with 81% being male (Vargas, 2017).


The awareness in real-time of the surroundings that helmet with bat-8D™ Technology returns to motorcycle drivers, allows having agile responses in the situations of the road. Implementing this solution will Increase road safety and help reduce worldwide crashes.

Learning Outcomes

By improving hearing acuity while wearing a helmet with bat-8D™ Technology, crashes can be reduced and save lives. bat-8D™ Technology is a solution for road safety in populated urban areas. That is SDG 3.6.1 and our mission too.


Our mission to reduce crash rates
is advancing throughout the world.

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Obsessed with a need to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes and fatalities, the RESONAR™ Team has developed an innovative, scientifically-proven helmet technology that more fully enhances the sensory perception of riders everywhere. Join us… and hear the difference!

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