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In this growing world of motorcyclists one of our great concerns is your safety when driving in urban areas. Statistics show that this is where the largest number of crashes occur and we cannot be oblivious to this reality.

It was 2014 when a person close to our heart suffered an accident, it was the beginning for us to start working on a solution within everyone’s reach.

And so bat-8D™ by RESONAR™ was born. An idea that became a company with a team of researchers and specialists who worked hard to solve the problem of full-face helmets. A solution that will help reduce the high accident rates of motorcyclists in the world crashes

“If we drive motorcycles with eyes wide OPEN​,

Why do we do it with ears COVERED?”

The Ears

The bat-8D™ Technology by RESONAR™ is dedicated to helping reduce the number of motorcycle crashes through enhanced sensory perception of riders using open face and full face helmets by offering an affordable, non-electric technology which can easily be applied to currently produced helmets at the time of manufacture.

The proven research will enlighten scientists, helmet manufacturers, traffic safety organizations, insurance companies and riders about the need to “reconnect the ears” to improve all-around sensory perception, this increasing awareness of surrounding traffic dangers while still maintaining the benefits of a helmet covering more than just the cranium.

This extremely affordable “safety solution” will be supplied to helmet manufacturers and users globally providing an improved riding experience while also preserving lives of urban and off-road commuters riding in noisy, congested traffic environments.

The laterality errors in hearing while wearing an ear-covering helmet change the rider’s sensory perception within his traffic environment.

The bat 8D™ Technology drastically reduces such erroneous laterality hearing responses.

The perception of space and distance in 360º of human beings is built from the reference of what we see and hear. The full-face helmet with bat-8D™ technology increases perception and generates information on location and distance in the easiest way for the use

"By improving hearing acuity while wearing an ear-covering helmet, we believe that many crashes can be prevented and the lives of motorcyclists can be saved. That is the mission of RESONAR™!"
Ken C. Pohlmann
Technical Writer / Professor Emeritus / Consulting Engineer

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Obsessed with a need to reduce the number of motorcycle crashes and fatalities, the RESONAR™ Team has developed an innovative, scientifically-proven helmet technology that more fully enhances the sensory perception of riders everywhere. Join us… and hear the difference!

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