Frequently Asked Questions

Can one truly hear the difference?

Yes. The difference in directional sensitivity is profound. The RESONAR ™ Technology enables the improved sense of listening to work naturally in coordination with sight enabling the helmet wearer to regain senses “all around” (360 degrees) including blind spots. One uses eyes and ears to drive and ride more safely in traffic environments.

How do I “test” the technology without riding in a RESONAR™ equipped helmet?

Go to the website and click on “DEMO” for a very lifelike (animated) demonstration of what it will be like riding a motorcycle or scooter in real life. Notice the “directionality” of sound as it originates from varying sources surrounding a moving rider and his/her motorcycle. Most riders “do not know…what they do not know” about wearing helmets covering their ears.

Can I buy the product (separately) and have it installed on my current helmet?

The product is part of an industrial process and needs to be installed at the point of manufacturing. This website will eventually show the brands including RESONAR™ Technology and in what countries they will be sold.

Does it only work on full face and ¾ coverage helmets?

Yes, RESONAR™ Technology works in full-faced and 3/4 coverage helmets which cover the ears. It is not yet available for concept or modular (flip-up) helmets.

Are there batteries to charge after every ride?

The RESONAR™ Technology is battery-free and does not require any charging. It works acoustically using natural shapes and features to emphasize and enhance the characteristics and features of sound.

Is the technology expensive?

No, it is extremely affordable due to its simple, but innovative mechanical design. The RESONAR ™ Technology is designed to have a very low cost, thus enabling the largest population of riders wearing protective helmets can benefit.

Under what riding conditions is the technology most effective?

RESONAR ™ Technology works most effectively at speeds under 65kph when traffic is congested (and noisy?). This assumes the user's hearing capabilities are within a normal range. NOTE: RESONAR™ Technology is NOT a hearing aid and will not necessarily amplify or improve the hearing of a rider suffering from hearing loss.

Does is simply “amplify” the surrounding sounds or is it more complicated?

No. It does not amplify all sounds. RESONAR™ Technology only reactively amplifies a significant part of the audible range, but also allows a rider to more fully “see,” “hear” and “feel” the origin and distance of a sound source including car horn, an oncoming truck, or even an audible alert signal.

How would the technology improve “accident avoidance” on my motorcycle or scooter?

RESONAR™ Technology gives a helmeted rider back the confidence of being able to more fully “connect” with the external world while retaining the comfort and security of wearing a more full-coverage helmet covering the ears. Using the speed of sound from its source, RESONAR™ Technology leverages the advantages of hearing dangerous sounds while reducing feelings of discomfort and claustrophobia.