Podcast 10 on 10

Podcast “10 on 10” This is a complete interview  about RESONAR™ Technology with host Eric Anderson from Piloteer See the video

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Podcast – ¿Can you hear me now?

“Can you hear me now?” Written By Len Bilello Well with Resonar technology in your next motorcycle helmet the answer will be Yes! This episode features inventor and audio expert, Felipe Morales, and Scorpion Helmet founder, Eric Anderson debut a very … Read More

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Nace una nueva tecnología

Escuchar el peligro potencial es tan importante como verlo. Un factor importante (y a menudo pasado por alto) en la tasa y, al mismo tiempo, protegiéndolo. Con su adopción e implementación adecuada, esta tecnología tiene el potencial de salvar innumerables … Read More

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Safety Guide Motorcycles

The increase in accidents involving motorcycles and scooters worldwide has always been the object of study. And it has not been an issue alien to the world health organization.To do a bit of history, we leave you this fragment of … Read More

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