Press Release Oct 2022

press release october 2022

RESONAR® Reveals 2023 Acoustic Solutions

Brochure for the Helmet Industry

360º hearing enhances awareness and proprioception while riding.

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It describes simple acoustic solutions for helmet manufacturers.

“If we ride with both our eyes open, then why would we choose to ride a motorcycle with both ears closed?” says co-founder Felipe Morales of RESONAR®, located in Miami, Florida. The human sensory systems have evolved to provide us with two eyes and two ears to assist us in proprioception—our sense of self-movement, force, and body position and location. However, as soon as one of our senses is closed off while riding, like our ears while wearing a ¾ or full-faced helmet, we lose a significant degree of awareness. RESONAR®’s bat 8D™ technology restores the ability to hear hidden threats once again, providing for a safer riding condition…or a more sensitive “directionality” should one be racing near other racers on a track.

“Hear the Difference!” like a bat with echolocation abilities…using RESONAR® bat 8D™ “helmet ears” on the website.

Mr. Michel Wehe, RESONAR®’s co-founder, commented, “We are on the road around the globe this Fall to show the world what we can do to make a difference in enhancing the experience of riding, becoming more competitive if racing while also saving lives. Download our new 2023 brochure, which explains our Promise, Our Vision, and our technology for a world of restored and reconnected hearing while riding a motorcycle. Wehe also stated they would be entering into a significant “beta test phase” with over 100 traffic patrolmen and women using the RESONAR® bat 8D™ equipped helmets in traffic while on the job in Colombia. Note that RESONAR®’s bat 8D™ technology works with attenuated ear plugs and intercom devices.

The battery-less and wireless bat 8D™ technology improves awareness significantly while riding with a helmet covering your ears. Re-connect with your surrounding riding environment. 

RESONAR® will be participating in the upcoming Intermot, EICMA, and Safety 2022 World Health Organization’s (WHO) World Conference on Injury Prevention & Safety Promotion, all happening this Fall of 2022. The RESONAR® team is meeting with helmet factories, helmet brands, traffic safety organizations, and motorcycle editors about new developments as this ride-enhancing technology comes to market. Helmet innovations like ventilation, communications, dual-density EPS liners, rotational acceleration suppression technologies, fog-free, and solar-darkening face shields, and moisture-absorbing liners all vastly improve comfort and protection. Yet, the rider’s ears remain covered with ¾ and full-faced helmets. The world has overlooked one of our fundamentally necessary senses and its incredible contribution to being a safer and more “connected” rider to the constantly changing environment around us. We know that earbuds, headphones, and loud music disconnects us from our external environment. RESONAR® bat 8D™ technology, with NO BATTERIES, re-connects us for a more enhanced ride while improving our awareness of peripheral threats without changing or diminishing the protection provided by the certified helmet.

RESONAR® New 2023 Brochure

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More information is currently available by going to the website at www.resonar.com.

Also, join the #motohearingrevolution on Instagram @RESONAR and Facebook under RESONAR®.

“Hear the Difference” with headphones on the website www.resonar.com. 

The RESONAR® Team and its associated bat 8D™ (Binaural Acoustic Technology) helmet systems are dedicated to improved directional hearing for helmeted users of all kinds, including motorcycle riders, racers, military personnel, aviation pilots, and construction workers employed in noisy environments where improved auditory proprioception and directionality will improve the safety of the users. The globally patented acoustic technology and brands operate without electronic sources or batteries. The technology was first made public at a scientific road safety conference held in Australia in March 2021. The inventor Felipe Morales was invited to participate in the XIV World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion, where he presented “DIRECTIONAL HEARING AWARENESS, A NEW WAY TO PREVENT ACCIDENTS FOR HELMET USERS.” The terms RESONAR®, RESONAR 360™, and bat 8D™ are international trademarks owned exclusively by RESONAR, CORP. parent company. More information and videos are available at www.resonar.com.
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