Our Mission is to Make Motorcyclists Safer

For over 130 years, motorcycles have brought freedom and adventure to millions of people. There is nothing more exciting than a motorcycle, and the open road. And motorcycles are also an extremely practical form of transportation, more affordable and able to go places that cars cannot. If you are a motorcyclist, you know just how awesome they are.

Unfortunately, motorcycles have also brought accidents, injury, and worse to many people. Motorcycles can be dangerous, and that danger is increasing. Traffic is more congested, and drivers are more distracted with phones and in-car technology. And ironically, while electric cars are friendly to the environment, they are not friendly to motorcyclists; their quiet motors can make it difficult to hear them coming.

To help beat the odds, many motorcyclists install bright LED lights on their bikes, and wear high-visibility clothing. But there is something else you can do. You can increase your situational awareness. Every motorcyclist knows that you must have your “head on a swivel” to see danger around you, but nothing has been done to help you better hear danger around you. Until now.

Traditional helmets cover your ears and thus drastically reduce your hearing acuity. Our new helmet design improves your hearing acuity compared to other helmets. And hearing danger can be as important as seeing it. And consider this: your eyes can only see what is in front of them. Your ears can hear all around you, constantly monitoring the surrounding environment. Our ears are a critical survival tool.

Imagine that you are crossing though an intersection with a green light. A car to your left runs the red light. It is outside of your peripheral vision and your traditional helmet does not permit you to hear its approach. A collision may occur. With our helmet, you might hear the car, and that alert might give you the split second you need to turn to see the car and take evasive action, or just instinctively veer to the right to avoid a collision.

A final note: our new helmet does not use microphones, batteries, and speakers. There are no electronics to wear out or need charging. Our patented helmet design relies on acoustics, to provide ports and an outer contour to allow your own ears to do their job, and help keep you safe. Aside from the cost of the helmet, the safety it provides is free. Why would you not choose to wear a helmet that gives you this advantage?

By improving hearing acuity while wearing a helmet, we believe that many accidents can be avoided, and the lives of motorcyclists can be saved. That is our mission.

Written for: Ken C. Pohlmann Audio Guru / Professor Emeritus.
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